Denise and Lindsay's Iris

Denise and Lindsay's Iris
Photo by J Hulse

Sunday, February 24, 2013

GET GOING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Prepare for Spring)

The roses are pruned, sprayed (copper), fertilized (chicken manure) and ready to go.  In fact, they're already leafing out here in Northern California.  Hardenbergia, Camelia japonica, Acacia, Flowering pears, Ornamental Plum trees, Magnolia soulangiana are all in splendid full bloom.  I have tulips and daffodils and the rhubarb leaves are a good 6 inches wide.  I've even seen a few peach blossoms in the neighborhood.

We're (all of us, plants and gardeners) raring to go!!!!!  It's a good time to sow a few peas and lettuces, spinach, bitter greens, I've even seen a few heirloom tomatoes in the stores.  I dare say, it's still too early for the warm weather crops.  (I think the retailers are trying to cash in on the spring fever here in California).  The plants will, more than likely, sit there, in suspension, for about a month (which is when I would start planting those crops.)  So, amend your soil.  Everywhere!.  Gather some organic compost from your local recycling center.  Make certain it's labelled 'organic'.  It will be warm and exceedingly fragrant, so be prepared for the perfume, at least a week.  AND, water it in after you mix it with your existing soil.  Add a little limestone for veggies.  It's great by itself for perennial borders or under rhodies, camelias and azaleas. 

Get out there!  It's great to be alive!